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Softwares for Education

Our solutions for education are structured to address the wide ranging needs of the academic community from admissions to alumni. These solutions touch upon all facets of the academic process – ranging from measurement of learning outcomes and assessments, classroom technologies and technologies that facilitate learning beyond the walls of the classroom and the campus.

Question Bank Management System

Assessing a large number of potential hires or students at different times is always tricky for any institution. Organizations who use more than one set of question paper find it difficult to normalize the degree of difficulty and other parameters of these sets. As a consequence they sometimes end up losing good hires or end up hiring the not-so-good ones.

Contrast this with a system where a question paper is generated on the fly by specifying the difficulty level, associated modules and time to complete. Multiple question papers can be generated with the same parameters. These question papers, though looking entirely different, have the same difficulty level and are normalized.

Our Question Bank software does all the above. It’s flexible architecture allows you to integrate the Question Bank with your existing online testing and assessment platform.

Virtual Classrooms

One of the most important challenges faced by today’s academic institutions offering distance education programmes is how to bridge the gap between text-based asynchronous distance learning and the face-to-face interaction of a traditional classroom.

To bridge this gap we offer an affordable instruction delivery solution that easily duplicates any learning activity. From full-duplex audio, live video, and shared white boards, to chat, application sharing, and breakout rooms, our online collaboration tool’s components are tightly integrated to provide the ultimate interactive learning environment. Whether you have two students – or two hundred – our solution enables world-class communication, collaboration, and education that transforms teaching and learning.

Student Performance Analysis System

Our Student Perfomance Analysis system provides detailed Macro and Micro level analysis of a student’s performance. A student can analyze and compare his performance with other students based on each test, subject, topic, sub-topic and even the lowest entity – any single question.

Analysis is provided in the form of animated graphs and tabular data that can be saved locally.

Over 20 different kind of analysis are already plugged in.

Classroom Recording System

It is a known fact that the more students can see, hear, and experience class resources, the better they learn. Gone are the days when students used to take extra classes to revise what they had missed from the previous session. Leading institutions are enabling knowledge retention through repeated exposure to class recordings.

Our content capture and delivery system enables learning across the entire institution, improving retention and student satisfaction. It makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay by every student. Students can quickly recall key moments or replay entire classes online, with digital notes. It’s scalable web services model provides low cost of ownership for the institution and eliminates the need to install software on instructor or student computers. Our content capture and delivery system integrates seamlessly with web portals, LMS, CMS and other campus solutions.

Custom Built Software

All of our software solutions are customizable as per your requirements and we can even build custom web applications that can meet your needs – be it the online portion of your education business, or, in the case of our start-up clients, the business itself. We are proud that custom development of web-based software applications is among our core capabilities. We use open-source technologies like PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, ActionScript etc. to create stable and scalable application with exceptional user interface services.

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