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TestEzee : Online Testing and Assessment Platform

TestEzee enables academic institutes run large scale accurate, secure and affordable online exams, distance education assessments and on-going internal assessments. It enables you to create questions and organize them into exams, quizzes or tests. You can schedule people to take the assessments, deliver them in a variety of ways and then view the results in a variety of different report types. We offer a cost-effective, easy way to utilize computerized assessments that not only measure knowledge, skills and attitudes but also enhance the learning process.

Some of the many features that TestEzee offers:

Capability to handle 3000+ concurrent users

The unique software design and scalability of our platform enables it to handle upto 3000 concurrent users without any load balancing. Our load balanced distributed platform can handle upto 5000+ concurrent users seamlessly.

Support for Multiple Question Patterns

Our system currently supports upto 25 different question patterns suitable for online testing. In future we will also support dynamic creation on question patterns.

Support for Multiple Test Series

  • Ability to create test series for any competitive exam in India (For eg. IIT-JEE, BITSAT, AIEEE, CAT, GMAT etc.)
  • Set of pre-defined templates to choose from to create the main landing page of your test series

Test Paper generation

  • Question paper generation by pre-specifying the questions
  • Dynamic question paper generation by specifying the difficulty level, associated modules and time to complete
  • Support for Timed/Untimed tests
  • Ability to increase/decrease the test interval during the test

Online Test Store

  • Students can search for available tests belonging to different exams and target years and appear in that after an online purchase using payment gateways
  • Support for Discount coupons

Comprehensive Student Performance Analysis

  • Macro and micro level analysis
  • Student can dynamically compare his/her performance with other students in more than 20 ways
  • Graphical as well as tabular analysis

Full control using Administrator Panel

All the above features are fully controllable using an administrative panel.

Online, Offline and Mixed mode (can handle flaky internet connections) for test delivery

This is particularly important in the Indian operational scenario. Enables you to conduct online/computer based tests in remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Performance optimized to work even in very low bandwidth environment, as low as 52 Kbps

There is no need for you to upgrade your speed of internet connectivity

Support for all popular browsers and OS

  • Support for all popular browsers in the market (all versions of IE, Mozilla and Safari)
  • Support for all OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • No minimum requirement on test taking computers. Works with old system configurations as well

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