We build web applications.
From business tools to social and educational media, we have the team that can turn your tech fantasies into reality.

Texel Graphics podcasts educates clients, potential clients (and really anyone who is interested) about standards based web solution design topics so that they make better decisions with their own web solutions.

Think website accessibility isn’t worth considering? Think again. Here is what you should know and some advice.

Do you need a content management system? If so how do you find a system to fit you needs?

Having a plan for marketing your website once it launches will be essential for its success.

Analyzing your website will help you to understand your users and allow you to make better website decisions.

Websites can be viewed in countless different environments and are interactive, which makes testing a requirement.

Decisions made during the coding phase of a website project have implications to accessibility and future growth.

Well written content speaks directly to your audience and pulls them further into your website.

People tend to focus on the visual aspects of website design but what drives these visual design decisions?

While we’ve heard the term information architecture most of us don’t realize how important it is for a website.

We discuss the benefits of web standards and give reasons why websites are going in this modern direction.

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